rice plantation ubud


Don’t miss to visit Ubud! The whole village consists of flowers, palm trees, temples, super beautiful houses and cafes, chickens and dogs. Here a lot of artists and artisans live. The whole art tools and equipment, what you get in any Asian stores worldwide, is produced in Ubud and its surrounding area. Ubud is relatively quiet – good for relaxing. The environment is awesome – Rice field terraces like stolen from a picture.

rice plantation ubud

Arrival and Around

From here, you also should boo a tour. It is no problem if somebody contacts you on the street, a reliable local car or minibus and a day with private chauffeur and tour guide will cost about 25 € for 2 people. A Tour Agency definately is more expensive or you have to share the van with other tourists. When you visit e.g. a temple or another attraction, the chauffeur is waiting outside. Then it goes on …


Backpacker homestays are more expensive than in Kuta – acceptable accommodation cost approx. 8 – 12 € for a double room. When you arrive in Ubud, at the bus stop many people want to show you her Guesthouses that are mostly okay, too.

Hutama costs about 7 € a night for a double room. Chic rooms upstairs! (Price about 10 €)


At the Monkey Forest in Ubud can you see hundreds of wild macaques while grooming, bathing, having sex and begging. On the side there is a road that goes down over a bridge to a little old royal bath. Indiana Jones feeling is guaranteed! Admission fee is about 2 €
In the centre of Ubud there is a giant craft market. Here you can buy the best souvenirs etc. But you should know that the starting price is about 3 to 6 times as high as what the seller actually want! (One example: a traditional wooden mask you can get for around 25 € after negotiating 15 minutes).
Further more traditional dance performances are best to be viewed in Ubud.

Ubud has a picturesque landscape! If you rent a bicycle or a scooter you can discover the surrounding areas.
On another day, you can book a tour and look at the great temples and Gunung Kawi. If you want to make a real blast, look at the yet more distant Besakih, the giant Mother Temple! The nearby Zoo and Bali Bird Park (about 20km away) is actually quite funny. If it is fone with you to get up early you also can book a fascinating volcano tour!