GILLIS (INDONESIA) where the beaches are gorgeous

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If you have enough time, be sure to go to the Gilis! The Gillis are three small islands between Bali and Lombok where it barely drags Australians but rather backpackers. The islands are calles Gilli Air, Gilli Meno and Gilli Trawangan. Cars and mopeds are banned at the Gillis. An you do not even have electricity. The beaches are gorgeous – and the islands are also good for diving and snorkeling. You will enjoy your dive in the clear blue water and you have good chances to see the massive turtles! If you are seeking for a little paradise where you can relax and enjoy the silence you really should visit the Gillis. The largest of the three islands, Gilli Trawangan has 2-3 good beach bars. Even Trawangan is quite small and can be surrounded in about 2,5 hours walk. But getting to the islands is not too easy. This is at the same time a disadvantage but also ensures the quiet and relaxed atmosphere and the peculiarities of the islands.

You really should’t miss the sunset on the west side of  Trawangan. Here you can see a landscape like a big picture postcard with the volcano of Bali in the background.

It is really nice there – but only suitable for lounging!
Caution! You really should take enough money as there are no ATMs!

Arrival and Around

To reach the Gillis you can use the speedboat (but this is the expensive way) or you take the ferry from Lombok. The easiest way is to book everything at Perama.

Perama and other companies offer one-to two -week trips by sailing boat to the islands in the east. Flores, Komodo (there are the largest lizards in the world, Komodo Varane ), etc. That is real adventure – especially at heavy seas.

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